Noodles & Company

The first stop on my list was a restaurant that I was very interested in trying. This restaurant is named Noodles & Company. They specialize in noodles obviously but they are known for some pretty interesting takes on food favorites. Noodles and Company is a fast, yet casual restaurant with several locations all throughout the Charlotte Area. They have everything from Macaroni and Cheese to a international dish called Pad Thai.

The location that I went to eat at was in South End in Charlotte, NC. I went to the restaurant around the lunch hour and they were very busy.While looking at their menu I was very intrigued by the look of it. Each item on the menu was listed with a picture, an explanation of the food item, any special categories if needed and the price. On the left of the menu with the prices was a menu that helped those who were first timers. At first it started with you choosing a side then the item and then adding a protein or not. Then it listed several options for a side and a drink. Here is a picture of the menu below so you could see what I was talking about. One thing that surprised me was that they even offered gluten free and vegan options.

Doesn’t all of that look so yummy! I thought so too! I had a hard time choosing what I wanted so I waited until I got up to the register. There I was able to ask an employee what I should try. She told me I should try the Penne Rosa. So I did! Note: the employees were so nice and very knowledgeable. They exceeded expectations when it came to customer service, which for me is a big thumbs up.

Although the restaurant was very busy I was able to receive my food in under 10 minutes. I got my food, I must admit I was a little worried that the picture was going to mislead me into how good my food would actually look but it didn’t disappoint. Below is a picture of my food, man just looking at it now makes me hungry.


Picture Taken By: Sara Gunter

Yummy! I would definitely rate this restaurant a 4.5 stars out of 5. I would give it 5 stars but I haven’t tried everything yet so subject to change.


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