Fresh Chef Restaurant

The next stop on my list was one that I was very interested in trying. This restaurant is located near my work back home. It is called Fresh Chef. They don’t specialize in a specific food but they do offer a wide variety of selections. These include wraps, salad, pasta, and sandwiches.  Fresh Chef is a healthy alternative to eating. They have everything from Teriyaki Beef to Chicken Alfredo.

The location that I went to eat was in the Fresh Market Plaza located in Cornelius,NC. This location was very clean but very busy. I went around the lunch hour and they were very busy which most of the time is great, except this time there was a line out the door.

Nothing was super special about their menu, the only thing that was interesting was the details of each food. They explain each item and what comes on it which makes it easier to determine how the food was going to taste. I also noticed that the prices for each item were very steep. A wrap and fries without a drink is $10. I was hoping for the price that the food would be worth it. This link has their menu on it….take a look at their lunchmenu.

See nothing super special…I feel like for a new restaurant they need to have something that is going to help them stand out a bit and it won’t be their menu that’s for sure. I had a hard time choosing what I wanted. I ended up ordering the Blackened Chicken Wrap.

The restaurant was very busy I was able to receive my food in around 20 minutes. I think right now since they are so new they are trying to work through kinks but they need to work on timeliness for sure.  Here is a picture of my food!


Picture Taken By: Sara Gunter

I would definitely rate this restaurant a 2.5-3 stars out of 5. The reason for this is because it was lacking in timeliness, it was very expensive for a wrap for lunch, and it just was nothing special. I would go back MAYBE. In all I would try it to see if maybe in a couple of months they get used to the business and work through the time and hectic nature of this restaurant.


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