Duck Donuts

So this post is a little different it isn’t a lunch or dinner instead it is breakfast. The place I went to next was in Downtown Charlotte in the Dilworth area. This place is named Duck Donuts. Most of their locations are in the Raleigh area however they just opened a location in the Charlotte area. This is the location I visited.

Duck Donuts prides itself on “Keeping it Simple!” but they also strive to always bring a friendly, fun and delicious environment. Their mascot is so cute, the duck just makes you want to melt. At first glance the location is in a good area however the store front is a bit hidden, it took me awhile to find it. As soon as I opened the door an amazing sweet smell instantly hooked me in. Their menu includes several things including donuts, some breakfast sandwiches and beverages. Below is a picture of the menu I found which you can also find on


Their menu does have something that I have never seen at a donut shop before. The fact that the restaurant offers you the opportunity to choose what toppings and coatings you want is something that I think makes Duck Donuts stand out. They offer so many choices which all sound so yummy. I ordered a dozen donuts to share with my family. Some of my choices were a donut with Maple and Bacon, a donut with Chocolate and Coconut. I was able to try the Maple and Bacon donut which I thought would be a great option. Below is a picture of the dozen donuts.


Photo Taken By: Sara Gunter

These donuts were to die for! They were amazing! I will definitely be back! I would rate this place a 4.8 out of five. I think that the only thing that makes it not perfect is the prices being a bit high.


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