Macado’s is a chain restaurant that I went to last night for dinner. I went with my family and they were talking nothing but good things about it so I figured I would try it too. The location I went to was in Charlotte NC off of University City Blvd. The location was busy for a Friday night. The restaurant looked very nice on the outside.

Macado’s is a restaurant that prides itself on its original opening which was located in Roanoke Virginia. Macado’s Restaurant became known as the restaurant with a weird sense of style. With Cartoon, Antique and Nostalgic Decor this restaurant is sure to please all kinds of crowds. Mostly known for pleasing the college audience this restaurant became a chain and began opening location all throughout the Carolinas. There are many things hanging from the wall like pictures of comics or old chairs nailed to the wall. It all is like a weird antique store with a photo album. Definitely a unique look…..there is an airplane on the ceiling.


Picture from:

The restaurant has a very lengthy menu which mostly consists of sandwiches and wraps. After a long look at the menu I decided to order something that was not a sandwich or wrap. They had several other entrees that were of interest to me so I ended up ordering the Chicken Mac and Cheese. Below is the link for their menu, which as you can tell has lots and lots on it.


Here is a picture of the Chicken Mac and Cheese that I got. Doesn’t it look great!


Picture taken by: Sara Gunter

Overall the meal was really great and the prices were not that bad! I will definitely be going back! I think I will give this restaurant a 3.75 out of 5 stars.


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