Papa Joe’s

So on my weekend trip to the mountains I was able to try many places. The one place I went to was called Papa Joe’s. Papa Joe’s is an Italian American Restaurant located in the heart of downtown Blowing Rock. I went to Papa Joe’s for dinner.

The restaurant looks like your typical mountain home. With exposed wooden beams on the ceiling and the log cabin look on the inside it is bound to warm your heart. Papa Joe’s is known for being the place to go for authentic Italian pizza.


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They have a daily menu which lists all of the dishes that are available every day. At night they offer a nightly specials menu. Below is a link to their menu…

They offer everything from pizza, pasta, seafood, and even steaks. The food I chose to get off the menu was the Penne Pasta with Meat Sauce. My meal came with a salad.


Photo Taken By: Sara Gunter


Photo Taken By: Sara Gunter


This place was so yummy! I enjoyed the meal it just wasn’t my favorite Italian I have ever had so I am going to give this restaurant a 3 out of 5.



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