American Burger Company

The next place I tried out was something fairly close to Wingate. This restaurant is called American Burger Company and used to be named BT’s Burger Joint. The location I went to was at the one in Indian Trail beside the Sun Valley. I went a little early for dinner time so it wasn’t very busy at all.

American Burger Company has several locations all throughout the Carolina’s. The restaurant is a tribute to the old hamburger stands in the past. The restaurant says they want to take away from the crazy fast foods and offer people an opportunity to  relax and enjoy a burger that is “Made in America”. It is your typical fast yet casual restaurant with a warm southern atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are at a cookout. The restaurant was very nice looking on the inside with barn siding on the walls and chairs made with recycled materials. It truly felt southern.

Their menu includes many different options from signature burgers, to choose your own toppings and they even offer veggie and turkey burgers. They offer different types of toppings and buns to switch up the classic burger. It honestly is the coolest menu. Below is the link to their menu.

The thing that I tried was a Route 66 Burger. This was a hamburger with pepper jack cheese, onion ring, bacon, and BBQ sauce. It was so good! The burger was amazing!


Picture Taken By: Sara Gunter

I am going to rate this restaurant at a 4.2 out of five. The only thing that would hold me back from rating it any higher would have to be the prices of the burgers. However, it was definitely worth it!




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