Sonny’s BBQ

So for one of the last places that I try I wanted to go to something that represented the south a bit. So I went to the local BBQ place with my best friend. Sonny’s BBQ is located in Charlotte, NC in the Arboretum Shopping Center. I went to Sonny’s around early lunch time.

My overall first impression of Sonny’s was it is definitely southern. The minute you open the door the minute you smell almost a smoky woodsy fire. It smells as if you are sitting at a bonfire with your friends and family. We were seated at booth which had the cutest things on the table. Each table has a bucket filled with all kinds of condiments and the napkins look like a picnic tablecloth. The atmosphere is really great. Below are pictures of the inside of the restaurant. Can’t you tell it’s a place that sells BBQ?

The menu is really lengthy and includes so many different options. They have everything from the obvious BBQ to the hamburger and chicken. I liked that they still incorporated the southern vibe to their menu. Click Here to view the menu on their website.

I ordered the Dry Rub Wings and the Fried Okra. Below is a picture of my meal. It was soooo good.


Picture Taken By: Sara Gunter 


Picture Taken By: Sara Gunter 

It was the perfect Southern Meal. I really enjoyed it. I would rate this restaurant a 3.8 out of 5. The prices are very high for a BBQ restaurant. I think I will be back.




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