Smash Burger

Smash Burger is a burger joint located on Rea Rd in Blakeney, NC. Smash Burger is known for their fresh, juicy, delicious burger patties with a unique menu of toppings. I went to Smash Burger on Sunday and it was so busy!

Smash Burger is known for its smashed patties which absorb all the juices needed to maintain the perfect patty. “We all know that magic happens when meat and heat collide, but, forget everything you thought you knew about grilling a burger. Smashing is what makes ours so astonishingly flavorful.” That quote is seen on several different areas throughout their website. They also have several words that are placed on plaques throughout the restaurant labeled: ENJOY, INDULGE, SAVOR. The restaurants overall look was very classy for a burger joint. The color scheme is very well done. Below is a picture of the restaurant I went to.

Their menu is very detailed with several different option of “spicing” your burger up with new and fun ingredients. They have fun names for their burgers and many different toppings. They have all their burgers on the menu labelled like the picture below. They almost make the menu interactive. Each ingredient is laid out almost as if it is on the burger. Click here to view the menu on their website.

I decided to try the Bacon, BBQ, Cheeseburger. This was a burger with BBQ sauce, slices of bacon, melted cheese, and the infamous smashed patty. I also ordered their smash fries which are similar to truffle fries. They are seasoned oily fries basically. Below is a picture of my burger and fries.

Displaying IMG_0274.JPG


Picture Taken By: Sara Gunter

Overall I would rate this restaurant a 4.5 out of 5. The burger was AMAZING and so were the fries. I will be back for sure!


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